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DYU Singapore is the Official DYU Authorized Distributor in Singapore.

F-wheel held a crowdfunding for its new design e-bike DYU D1 on Taobao in April and its total selling amount has reached 10 million on 1st, May 2017. To make the crowdfunding successful, F-wheel held an online product launch live show, which attracted over 1 million people watching it together. On, 13rd, March, over 1 million e-bikes were sold in a single day.

“Though we had trumped in iCarbot crowdfunding in the early spring of 2017, I haven’t expected this DYU D1 crowdfunding can be so successful that over 7 thousand electric bikes were sold out in just half a month.” F-wheel CEO Liwei said to the reporter from CCTV, “There should be 2 reasons why the DYU D1 is incredibly popular in the campaign: first, it is well-designed; second, we have over 1 thousand resellers and 100 thousand fans over the world accumulated in last 5 years.”

F-wheel factory is working day and night to manufacture over 8 thousand e-bikes in 2 months for domestic and overseas customers in Europe and USA. A worker in the factory workshop complained, “I haven’t slept for over 2 days so far, I would leave immediately if I don’t have to keep food on the table for kids.”

This e-bike is only 12 kg which makes a girl easy to lift it by a single hand upstairs. However, this exquisite lightweight design also makes it easy to be stolen and theft. When a girl can lift it up by a single hand, a strong thief can lift 3 away with 2 hands. The manufacturer found the problem from its customers’ test review and put in a GPS in the e-bike, now the electric bike has a new merit compared to most other e-bikes. What’s more, the bike lock is password. controlled by APP, this high tech is what other e-bikes don’t have. The cruise mode keeps the speed steady and makes a smooth and comfortable ride.

About F-wheel

The F-wheel project was launched in 2012. F-wheel company is a high-tech enterprise made up by former staffs from well-known international enterprises like Huawei, Baidu, Mindray etc, represented by Liu Shasha, the China billiards champion and was specially reported by CCTV1 News Broadcast, one of the most famous news media in the world, This project targets on the researching and marketing of intelligent commuting vehicle products, like smart city short trip self-balancing scooter and travel robots. Its products have several main conceptions like fashionable, portable and environmentally friendly. Its top-selling products include F-wheel series somatosensory vehicles and DYU mini E-bike series. F-wheel products have won nearly 40 domestic & international patents and awards so far and exported to more than 50 countries, receiving the capital investment of around 20 million RMB from famous investment institutions. And now its valuation has exceeded 100 Million RMB. F-Wheel strives to build intelligent short-distance travel ecosystem in 5 years and enter the GEM IPO market with the value exceeding 5 billion RMB.

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